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FAQ - Sodisp, 

- Verifying your Sodisp account and profile
- Connecting to the Run Across California event on Sodisp
- Connecting my Strava account to my Sodisp Profile
- Connecting my Garmin account to my Sodisp Profile
- I connected my Sodisp account to my Strava / Garmin account, why do I see activity on my Sodisp dashboard prior to July 18th.
- I also use my Strava / Garmin account to record my biking. Will that show up on Sodisp? Will it show on the Run Across California?

- How do I submit a "Manual Entry" to my profile?
- Why is the date that I enter being recorded as one day earlier?
- How do I enter in more than one entry per day?
- I'm getting an error due to a Negative Distance when I try to enter in my result


- What is the difference between my DASHBOARD and the LEADERBOARD? Why are some entries on my dashboard but not the leaderboard results?
- Where do I find the leaderboard? (EVENTS --- Run Across California)
- How do I know which box (leaderboard) to click to find my results?
- How do I search for participant names? Team Names?
- How can I see results for all the members of my team (individual category)? (ex: My friends and I all affiliated ourselves with a group/club/team name during registration, how do I search for just our names?)
- How can I see my team results (Relay Teams)?
- How do I find detailed information about results on the leaderboard (click the orange i)
- How do I see my personal pin on the map?


- I'm not showing up as part of my Relay Team
- I'm showing up in the 200 Mile Leaderboard instead of the Relay Team Leaderboard
- Why do I see my results posted on both the 200 Mile and 105 Mile Leaderboards?
- I made a mistake with my manual entry or have a duplicate entry. How can I edit my entries?

Verifying your Sodisp account and profile
Before you can verify your Sodisp account, we need to connect your registration to the Sodisp platform. If you just registered, please allow for 3 to 4 hours for this to happen. Once the account is ready, you'll receive and email titled "Run Across California - Sodisp Account Verification." Follow the steps in the email and click on your unique verification link. Note: Sodisp will require you to enter an email and password in order for you to complete your account setup. Enter your details and click the register button, the system will automatically verity and authenticate you. Yto complete your setup the system will automatcially it will automatically authenticate you.  we've transferred over your registration details and set up your account. Once this is completed we'll you'll receive and email with instructions to "Verify To create a profile on Sodisp please wait until you receive the confirmationis to If you are logging onto Sodisp for the first time, you will want to create a user profile by clicking the link here: Sodisp Register Link. If you registered multiple participants with the same email address, you'll need to use a different and unique email address for each participant profile on If you are having problems creating a profile on Sodisp for yourself or participants that you registered for <top>


Connecting to the Run Across California event on Sodisp
Once you've created an account  Run Across California event on Sodisp




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