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Swim Clinic #1 - TBD: July

Tri & Du Clinic - TBD: Sept

Swim Clinic #2 - TBD: August

Swim Clinic #3 - TBD: Sept


We are offering four different 1-Day clinics leading up to the Mermaid Tri & Du Capitola to help get you ready for you race, both mentally and physically. ADDED BONUS: Sign up and attend TWO or more of the clinics and receive a Mermaid Capitola training shirt!


The swim clinics are focused on just the swim portion of the triathlon whereas the second Tri & Du Clinic is focused on all aspects of the triathlon and duathlon. If this is your first triathlon we highly recommend attending both clinics.

The swim clinics provide a safe and supported environment to practice the swim course! Our goal is to get you comfortable getting in and out of the water. We will focus on the emotional aspect of open water swimming and guide you through the swim. A perfect chance to meet new goals and overcome the fears of ocean swimming without any pressure or stress. We will have plenty of volunteers in the water to help guide you around the Capitola wharf. We will break up into groups depending on your swimming skills and abilities.


This clinic is limited to 40 women and we recommend you bring your swim gear (goggles, swimcap, swim suit, wetsuit (strongly recommended) towel and any questions you may have about the swim.

Time: 9:00 AM - Noon

Location: Capitola, CA

Cost: $45.00

Clinic Directions & Parking


The triathlon & duathlon clinic will go over every aspect of racing a triathlon or duathlon. If this is your first triathlon we recommend that you attend both the Swim Clinic AND the Tri & Du clinic. The clinic is designed to give you a "mini" triathlon or duathlon experience. Triathletes will do the sprint distance swim as well as practice TRANSITIONING from the swim to bike to run, a very important aspect to triathlon. Duathletes will practice the run and TRANSITIONING from the run to bike to run. We will give you lots of tips for how to set up your transition and prepare you for your race. You will set up your transition, just like you would on race day and practice transitioning between the events. You will do the sprint swim, a short bike ride (as in around the block) and a quick run to give you the feel for transitioning between events.


This clinic is limited to 45 women and we recommend you bring your swim gear (goggles, swim cap, swim suit, wetsuit (strongly recommended), running gear, towel. cycling gear (helmet, bike, bike shoes, pump) and any questions you have about the event. NOTE: If you've never swam in open water before we require you to attend one of the swim clinics.


We will cover many topics including:

- open water swimming

- race strategy (entering and exiting the water)

- setting up a transition

- bike equipment

- basic triathlon & duathlon knowledge

Time: 9:00 AM - noon

Location: Capitola, CA

Cost: $45.00

Clinic Directions and Parking

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