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About Us


In 2004, we hosted our first Mermaid event with a women's triathlon & duathlon! Building on the success of the first event we added a second Mermaid triathlon & duathlon in 2005, thus creating the Mermaid Series. Our focus was to provide a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere where athletes from all backgrounds could experience the joy of crossing the finish line.


In 2006, we added the first Mermaid Run to the series and have since grown the portfolio of events to include triathlons, duathlons, training clinics, cycling, running races and trail runs. 


The Mermaid Series is owned and operated by founder Carlo Facchino. You can contact him at: carlo@



Mermaid Series is building a welcoming community that inspires women from all backgrounds to experience the joy of crossing the finish line. 


The events serve as a platform for women to pursue new goals in fitness and in life. We aim to provide a positive and encouraging environment that inspires all of the Mermaid Athletes to cross the finish line. 


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