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200 Mile Challenge
July 5th - October 13th (100 days to reach the finish line)

REGISTRATION IS OPEN the Race Across California. You'll have 100 days to complete the 200 Mile Walk/Run Challenge and the 600 Mile Bike Challenge. Consistency is key! Average 2 miles a day (or 6 miles biking) and you'll soon be celebrating in San Francisco. Not ready for the full 200 miles? We added the "First 105" mile California Mountain Challenge for the walk/run.  


The course will take you 200 miles heading west from the California / Nevada border to the Pacific Ocean. You'll start in South Lake Tahoe, go over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, through Sacramento, across the San Francisco Bay and then reach your final destination, the Pacific Ocean! Doing the "First 105" miles? You'll start at the California / Nevada border and finish at the Capitol building in Sacramento.

  • Register as an individual or as part of a relay team and start training! Relay teams will be combined miles to complete the challenge. Your run will start on July 18th

  • Check in on the Mermaid Athlete Facebook Group page for added motivation and inspiration.

  • Stay tuned as we unveil the race shirt and finisher medal 

  • Start logging your miles on July 5th! Details coming soon on how to upload your miles. Consistency wins the game. You'll need to average 2 miles a day to complete the run within 100 days. 

  • Track your progress on our interactive map as you move across California.


1) Miles only count that are done specifically with the intention of exercising for this challenge. For example:

- Walking, jogging, hiking and running with the intent of exercising count

- Walking to do errands INSTEAD of driving counts

- Walking with your dog or your neighbor's dog counts

- If you are participating in multiple virtual challenges we say yes, you can double dip. Miles are miles and if you've logged them while exercising they count for our challenge.

2) Miles that are done during your daily living or work routine do not count. For example:

- Steps or miles logged over the course of a day inside your house by doing your normal living routine do NOT count

- Steps or miles logged over the course of a day performing your normal work routine do NOT count

- Steps or miles logged while shopping do NOT count



Individuals: [200 miles] Individual challenge. Individuals can affiliate to a group, club or team.

- Example. Stephanie signs up to complete all 200 miles as an Individual. She creates the group named: Tails Across California. She tells her friends to sign up and wants them all to be affiliated with her group name. Her friends sign up as “Individuals” and have the option to affiliate their entry to Tails Across California. Once the challenge starts, you'll be able to search for “Tails Across California” in the results to see everyone associated to this group. Associating to a group allows your group to stay engaged, challenge each other and cheer each other on! [Note: Each individual needs to complete the 200 miles to finish]


Relay Teams: [200 miles] combine the miles of each team member to reach 200 miles. The more participants on your team, the faster your team will cover the 200 miles. All relay team participants are also in the individual category! Not only will you get to participate as a team, but you'll also get to complete the challenge as an individual.

- Example: Brenda is the CEO of her company and she wants to encourage her co-workers to a healthy and team building challenge. She creates two teams for her company, "Awesome Company All-Stars" and "Awesome Company High Rollers." She invites everyone to sign up and join one of the teams.

- On the first day of the competition, the "Awesome Company All-Stars" start logging their first activities. Brenda completes 6 miles, Melissa completes 2 miles and Sally completes 4 miles. Together, team Awesome Company All-Stars has completed 12 miles and now has 188 miles to go.

- Each team member can walk, jog or run at anytime and in any location. Once the team member completes their walk, jog or run they need to log and record their miles on our website in order to add their miles to the team.

- The team, Awesome Company All-Stars will show up in the results and they'll be able to see how the team ranks in comparison to all the other teams. Each team member will also be able to see how many miles they've contributed towards the 200 mile goal.



I already signed up, but I didn’t affiliate my Individual entry to a group, club or team. Can I still create or join a group, club or team?

Yes! To create a group, club or team, go to the Race Roster registration page or click here on “Create a Team.” It will open up the create a team webpage. From the Team Type dropdown, select the “Individual - Group, club or Team.” Enter in a team name. Once you’ve created a group, club or team, go to your "Athlete Dashboard" on Race Roster (sign in) and look for the "Join A Team” button.


I want to register as an individual and associate my entry to the group that my friend created. How do I do that?

Great, go to the Registration Page and click on the Individual Entry. During the registration process it will ask if you want to affiliate your entry to a group, club or team. Click on the “Join a group, club or relay team” and from the dropdown menu find the name of the team you want to join.


How do we log our miles?

The best way and the most accurate way to log your miles is using a GPS enable watch or app on your phone to record your distance. You can also use a pedometer or simply drive the route in your car to record the distance of your favorite route. Once you’ve finished your walk, jog or run you’ll need to manually record your miles on the Sodisp Virtual Event Page. Detailed instructions for joining the event have been emailed to all participants. As the miles get logged, the website will be updated and you’ll be able to see your accumulated progress.


Will we be able to sync our Garmin, Strava, or other GPS device?

Yes! you can easily sync your Garmin, Strava, FitBit, Coros, Suunto and Polar accounts to your Sodisp profile. Detailed instructions for how to connect your GPS device to Sodisp are on the Sodisp website.


Can we start logging miles before July 5th?

No, the virtual challenge will start on July 5th. You can log miles anytime between 7/5 at 12:00am PDT to 10/13 at 11:59 pm PDT.


What type of miles count towards my total?

Only miles that are completed (walking, jogging, hiking, running) with the intent of exercising will count toward teh walk/jog/run. Biking miles will count toward the bike.

I wear a Fitbit all day long and it records the miles I do when I’m walking around the office and at home. Do these count?

No, miles accumulated during your daily routine or work routine do not count. [Example: walking from the couch to the kitchen to the couch to the bathroom to the couch to bed, do NOT count]


I also like to bike, will the miles I accumulate when biking count?

Yes, but your bike miles will only count toward the 600 mile bike challenge. All participants are encouraged to complete both the 200 mile walk/jog/run challenge and the 600 mile bike challenge.


I just signed up, will we be getting an update with additional details?

Yes, we will be emailing out an Athlete Update the week of the event. The update will also be posted on our website.