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8 week training plans


Are you training for your next Mermaid Run? Looking for some guidance on how to train and prepare? Mermaid Assistant Race Director and RRCA Certified Coach Stephanie Davies created training plans to get you ready for your next 5k,10k, 10 mile run or a Half Marathon!

The training plans incorporate running, walking and a bit of cross training. To learn more about the different types of cross training and the core work listed in the training plans Coach Stephanie has included a few links to break down the movements.

Core Work


Stretching and Strength
Warm Up Stretching

Hill Sprints/Repeats: especially when training for a hilly course like the Sirena 10 mile, will help give you the strength and the stamina to hit the hills with ease.  Over time, the repeats, though they may seem few in number, do help your muscles become stronger.  Hills will be less intimidating.

Source: Competitor Magazine



Lateral Side Steps:  Lateral Side Steps with a band will engage the Gluteus Medius muscles.  This exercise is crucial to building and maintaining hip and core strength. 

Source: The Run Experience, Nate Helming   

Stephanie Davies is an RRCA certified coach and creator of the women’s running group, We RUN the Bay. She is also the founder of I RUN California, a Facebook community page and blog. Stephanie is a 29 year veteran of running and has run 14 full marathons, over 30 half marathons, numerous 10ks, and placed first in her age group at the 2015 Mermaid Run San Francisco 5k. Stephanie supports and stands by all runners! She enjoys helping others find their happy pace and is available for questions, advice and inspiration.

As a Mermaid Assistant Race Director, Mermaid Athlete, Lead Ambassador and supporter she looks forward to answering your questions! You can follow her on Facebook at I RUN California or send an email to her at

5k Training Plan
10k Training Plan
10 Mile Training Plan
Half Marathon Training Plan
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