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Each rack holds 10 bikes, with 5 bikes facing in one direction and 5 bikes facing in the other direction. Your bike will be facing the opposite direction as the one next to it.

To rack your bike, find a rack assigned to your start category and look for an open spot. There is over an hour between the first start wave and the last start wave! We assign racks based on your starting wave and time. This way, athletes who are in the middle of their race are not racked next to someone who is just arriving and setting up their transition area. Please try to find a spot in your designated area. If all the spots are full, try to find the next closest rack with an open spot. Each rack will be labeled.

TRANSITION ZONE is for ATHLETES ONLY! No spectators or family members are allowed in transition. You will receive a wristband at packet pick up or on race morning. If you don't have a wristband you won't be allowed into transition!

The transition area opens at 6 am. The spots on the bike racks in your designated start area are first come first serve. We recommend getting to the transition area early!! Please do not lock your bike to the rack or hang balloons on the racks.

bike racks3.jpg

REMEMBER to be courteous and respectful to the Mermaids around you. Make sure that your bike is in your designated area. If the person next to you set up their bike incorrectly, try to find them first before adjusting their bike. Lastly, say hi to the Mermaid next to you and make sure to cheer everyone on during the race!


When setting up your bike you'll "hang" your bike on the rack by the seat. To hang your bike you'll want to back your bike underneath the rack and then lift up your seat and hang it so the handlebars are facing you. NOTE: the direction your handlebars are facing is the side of the rack where you'll be setting up your gear. When the bike racks are full you'll have a very *small* spot to place your gear. To give everyone the most space we ask that you set up your gear to the LEFT of your front tire. Usually your gear will consists of:

- A *small* gear bag which you can tuck towards the back of your front tire

- A *small* towel placed at your front tire and a wide mouth water bottle so you can wipe off your feet after the swim
- Your bike shoes, running shoes (socks), race belt w/number & sunglasses 
- Special food you might want while racing and any other *small* personal items
- Bike Helmet which we recommend you hang on your handlebars so you don't forget to put it on. Remember, YOU MUST WEAR A HELMET AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE BIKE and HAVE YOUR CHIN STRAP CONNECTED!

Notice the *small* theme.... trust us, think small and make sure your gear will fit nicely in a rectangle that is 2 feet wide by 3 feet long.

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