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Be a part of our Mermaid Series Team!

We are looking for fun, energetic, social media savvy individuals to represent Mermaid Series as Ambassadors. 

Your role as Ambassador is to promote Mermaid Series events and represent Mermaid Series in a dignified manner. Ambassador duties include promoting Mermaid Series on your social media network, getting involved in your local community through outreach (organize that social run), attend Mermaid Series events, provide assistance at Mermaid Series event packet-pickup, provide support at events (race expos) where Mermaid Series is invited to promote the events in our series, and provide support to the Race Director, Assistant Race Director/Lead Ambassador and Mermaid Athletes.


Ambassadorship responsibilities are per annum and run from 1/1-12/31

Application deadline is 12/20/17. Upon selection, we will notify our new Ambassadors via email.


Fill out our questionnaire to be considered for our Ambassadorship program.


Your role as a Mermaid Series Ambassador is to be an example of positivity and integrity at all times both while promoting and during any race series event.

Your responsibilities:

Help the Race Director and Assistant Race Director/Lead Ambassador promote all Mermaid Series events by sharing content, creating content that shares factual information about the event, and word of mouth promotion.


Be available to promote Mermaid Series at expos or events


Provide assistance at least once, for a Mermaid Series Packet Pickup event during the year.  In addition, you must attend/fill one shift at Health and Fitness Expos where Mermaid Series is invited to host a booth (TBD).


Provide support and feedback to the Race Director and Assistant Race Director/Lead Ambassador in a way that ensures a positive experience for others.


Your efforts and time spent away from your family will not go unrewarded!  


Mermaid Series will start you off with one comped entry to a Mermaid Series event of your choice.


You will be reimbursed for mileage for each event, such as Health and Fitness expos, where Mermaid Series is invited. On such occasions where you are promoting the Mermaid Series at expos or other events, you will be compensated $75 for the day.

You will have many chances to earn points redeemable for cool Mermaid Series swag and Mermaid Series race entries.


You will be given fabulous Ambassador branded apparel that will make you stand out as a representative of the Mermaid Series. 

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