Happy New Year to all our Mermaid Athletes! January is a month of renewed energy and a fresh start!  As we prepare to head to San Diego for the T9 Mermaid 1/2 Marathon San Diego, we too are experiencing renewed energy and a fresh start.  To help us bring in the New Year, we reached out to Cassie Onori to be our featured Inspirational Mermaid Athlete for the month of January. For the next few months, we will be featuring our latest editions to the T9 Mermaid Family, our Ambassadors.  Cassie makes her home in Southern California.  You will see her on the course in March as she runs alongside other T9 Mermaid Athletes to complete her 7th Mermaid event.  We are certain that you will enjoy reading about Cassie and her tenaciousness.  You can follow Cassie on Instagram at mama_cascas. We encourage you to Read more about Cassie's story.

Our featured Mermaid Athlete for September will be crossing her first finish line with us at the Mermaid Run San Francisco, however she won't be alone as she's bringing out over 15 enthusiastic little mermaids from Roosevelt Middle School in Oakland. Meet Hailee Lanker, teacher, runner, coach and creator of Girls Run Roosevelt. As a teach, she motivates middle school girls inside the classroom and as a coach she inspires them to cross the finish line. Check out her story, learn about Team Girls Run Roosevelt and come cheer them on in San Francisco.

November’s Inspirational Mermaid Athlete is one of our newest members to the Mermaid Family. Recently we accepted applications for our Ambassadorship program. Vanessa Wallace is one of 21 Ambassadors that were chosen to represent Mermaid Series. Over the course of the next few months, you will get to hear from our delightful Ambassadors. If you see them on the course during one of our races, don’t be a stranger. Introduce yourself. Vanessa brings with her tremendous energy, inspiration, and humor. One can never have too much of these traits. We are so happy that Vanessa is a fine addition to our Mermaid family. Read more about her impressive story.

This month, we would like to introduce you to Bernadette Gomez.  Bernadette has been a longtime Mermaid Athlete, both as a participant and volunteer.  Her infectious smile and calm demeanor are two of the inviting qualities that draw people to Bernadette. She is a big presence in the running community and Mermaids will find her running races throughout the bay area. When challenges and obstacles get in her way, Bernadette is a fierce competitor and her resiliency is priceless! Read her story and you'll see why she is our Inspirational Athlete for the month of August.

Meet Inspirational Mermaid Ashley Nelson. Ashley is more than a survivor. She is a teacher, a mother, a motivator and a tenacious woman who is defined by her abilities, not her disabilities. Read more about her inspiring story. 

Yvonne Linton is an Inspirational Mermaid to many Mermaid Athletes. Yvonne recently finished her first Half Marathon at Mermaid Run East Bay. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Keep fighting and keep smiling....you are an INSPIRATION to us all. Read more about this amazingly strong Mermaid Athlete.

Our first "Inspirational Mermaid Athlete" is Team Ari. Team Ari is an amazing mother and daughter team that frequently runs in many races throughout the Bay Area, including the Mermaid Series. Kelli and Ari Tanghe have a way of truly inspiring all who meet them. It is not uncommon to see many other runners come up and help propel the team forward on hills or on stretches where an opportunity to recover is needed. This powerhouse team is a true example of how one family can turn adversity into advocacy. Read more about their story. 

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