Our October featured athlete has come a long way to join the Mermaid family and we couldn't be more excited to have her as part of our staff! A French native and a stellar rower, Delphine Cavoit is doing a six month internship with the Mermaid. Her passion is rowing and she "finds her happy pace" while gracefully gliding across the water, proof that Mermaids love ALL types of water sports.

Where you are from? 

I am from France, more precisely from Normandy.

What you are going to school for? 

This year is my last year of studies! Yooohooo!! I will graduate when I return to France in January. I have studied different subjects like communication, marketing, and event management. This year, my focus was on sport management.

What brought you to Mermaid Series?

Finding an internship was very difficult. Most of the companies are not interested in hiring foreigners because of the visa process and the insurance. I sent out a lot of applications and Carlo got back to me! We both compete in rowing, I guess that’s how I caught his attention! I am really happy to be a part of the Mermaid team and organize some of the amazing events. I am learning everyday and I am glad to be helpful. 

What do you like the most about being in California?

There is so much to do in California.... I enjoy getting outside and visiting all the parks. I've been to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Big Sur and Muir Woods.

What do you miss the most about France?

Bread and cheese! Of course.

What do you do to stay active?

I like to practice sport. I use to practice rowing at hight level in France, so 7 times a week. To perform well we needed to practice different sports like rowing, running, swimming and weight training. It was a really complete training program. Here in United-States, it's pretty nice to have a break! I stopped practicing sport, but now I do it for pleasure and fun. So I surf, hike and run in amazing landscapes! And I bike everyday to go to work!

What is your favorite sport?

ROWING! I started this sport 10 years ago. I use to be a ballet dancer before. Very different! My dad brought me with him to the rowing club and it started there. I met my teammates and my coach and after one year of hard training, we won our first gold medal. Year after year, we never stopped  training and continued to win more medals. I was a teenager when I started, rowing laid the foundation for my life: organization, discipline, respect, motivation and PASSION. One of my teammate is already waiting for my return in France, so we can start to train together in double skull.

Are you a runner, biker or swimmer?

I am, but not in competition for now. I plan to reduce a bit rowing so I can have time to do running races like half-marathon and maybe one day a triathlon.


Where is your favorite place to exercise?

I love to practice rowing in a middle of mountains, it is so peaceful. My favorite place to run is the beach, I really like the atmosphere there. 

What or who inspires you?

I don’t think someone inspires me. I am more inspired by a way of life. I will start my first real job next year. I know that working events can be crazy, but I want to keep time for myself, my friends and my family, to practice sport and discover the world. Living in France is really useful for that… 

What kind of hobbies do you have?

I like to read, and need to start reading in english!! I always want to have fun somewhere with my friends, going for hikes or festivals.

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